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Delphi Vital Information Manager (DELPHI VIM)
Quick Start

Don’t forget to see “Additional Tips” at the end of this document

Recommended Step One: Complete Emergency Information

VIM enables you to input and upload your and your family’s personal, medical, legal, financial, car and pet information. After logging into VIM, we recommend that you complete the emergency information first for the individual information for Children, Infants and Older Adults (parents/in-laws):

Additional Aid:

Recommended Step Two:  Designate Viewers

An important aspect of VIM’s accessibility is creating “Viewers”, those people you allow to see your selected files. YOU designate what “Viewers” can view your files.  And, Viewers can only view the files you allow them to view.  Viewers cannot input information and cannot edit information.  “Quick Viewer” is for fast designation for viewing of a file (via email), example emergency room.

Recommended Step Three:  Add “Members”
  • “Members” can upload files, input and edit information.
    • YOU are the Primary Member.  This is your account.
    • You may Add Members. You may choose to create a:
      • Proxy Member” (whom you must trust with the ability to input information and edit anything on Vital Information Manager except your password-usually a spouse/partner), or a
      • Standard Member” (who can input their own information but not see your files-usually teenage children)
  • With regards to “Member” information, in the “Step by Step Manual”, refer to 6. Add a Member.
  • We recommend that Proxy members (usually spouses/partners) input information to get comfortable with using VIM.

Recommended Step Four:

Continue to refer to the “Step by Step Manual” for additional functionality, such as, 7. Create a New Category and 8. Save a File to a New Category.

For Additional Help, please send an e-mail to:

Additional Tips
  • Don’t forget to Print key information, particularly for Seniors, young children and family members with special needs.

  • After Highlighting One of the Top Tabs, Always Highlight (Do Not Click) Any Listing with an Arrow.
    • Another Box of Information Choices will be seen.  By Example, Highlight the “Family” Tab, and then Highlight (but do not Click) the “Adult” Tab.  Then Click your choice, by example, Emergency Info.

  • When inputting and editing information in the Top Tabs…
    • Click “Fill Out Forms” to see (and update) everything that has been created for this Tab as well as fill out a new form.
    • When Filling Out a VIM form, always Complete Both the “File Name” and the “Description” with Name and Information.  Example-Mary Physician.  This aids the “Search” function.
    • To Update a File, you must fill in all of the information with the aid of the existing information listed above.  This provides maximum security.
    • At the Top of a Section (by example, Emergency Info,) Do Not Fill Out the File Name and Description until you are ready to Assemble Documents.
    • To Print, Manage and Search for files, Under “Select Documents,” Choose and Click  “Both” before Clicking “Search.”  This will list both the “Sections” (forms) and the “Complete” (assembled sections.)

  • After Updating a File within the sub-category…
    • The Assembled File must be recreated if one had already existed.
    • Don’t forget to grant this newly assembled file to any viewer, which it had previously been granted to.

  • When you want to close a VIM document (often a .pdf file,) Click the “Back” Arrow in the Upper Left Hand Corner as opposed to the “x” in the Upper Right Hand Corner (which could close down the VIM website.)

  • For Additional Help, please send an e-mail to:


"The Delphi Vital Information Manager (LifeCloud)) is a supremely valuable system that captures your vital information to which everyone needs immediate access. VIM is easy to use and is essential for everyone!"

-Dr. A. Afifi, Dean Emeritus
UCLA, School of Public Health

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