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"The new way to organize. My clients say, ‘The only way to organize!’ Easy, anytime, anywhere, less paper, less time, total control."
- Dorothy Breininger

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Delphi Vital Information Manager is getting a new look and a new name...

Digital LifeCloud

Manage your information using small, secure apps specific to your profile.

Welcome to Delphi Digital’s Vital Information Manager, or VIM. VIM is the first comprehensive online management tool for key family and household information including:

  • FAMILY MEMBERS & CAREGIVERS — Children, Adults, Special Needs Children & Adults and Elderly
  • MEDICAL — Doctors, Medications, and Health Records
  • FINANCIAL & LEGAL — Bank, Credit Card, Taxes, Investments and Legal Documents
  • HOUSE — Emergency/Safety Information, Utilities and Household Maintenance
  • INSURANCE — Brokers, Life, Auto, Homeowners, Fire/Earthquake and Medical Insurance
  • PERSONAL — Personal Interests, Pet Care, Car Information and Important Contacts/Dates

By storing and making available key information from secured servers, many family/household issues and emergencies can be handled faster and more efficiently - which helps decrease stress levels and benefits both individuals and the corporations who have purchased VIM for their employees.

Please click on the link below to learn more about the Vital Information Manager.

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NOTICE: The site will be temporarily inaccessible between Tuesday, November 13 04:00 p.m. PST and Monday, November 13 09:00 p.m. PST. We thank you for your patience in advance as we work to make your Delphi VIM experience a more enjoyable and productive one.

- The Delphi Digital Team


"The Delphi Vital Information Manager (LifeCloud)) is a supremely valuable system that captures your vital information to which everyone needs immediate access. VIM is easy to use and is essential for everyone!"

-Dr. A. Afifi, Dean Emeritus
UCLA, School of Public Health

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Live Longer and Happier Studies on the effect of good organization show that people who are well organized are happier and live longer. The studies point to how disorganization is a major cause of stress in many aspects of our lives and that improving organization reduces stress.

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