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When you log into DelphiVIM as a Member you will be presented with a group of tabs near the top. These tabs give you access to forms that you can fill in. Delphi has made organizing your life easier by breaking out typical aspects of your life into six core categories:

  1. Family – All about the people in your home and their lives.
  2. Financial & Legal – Contact information and document locations.
  3. House – All the things you need to manage a busy household.
  4. Insurance – Important contacts and document locations.
  5. Medical – Information on family medical conditions, history and contacts that are necessary to manage your family's health in daily life and during emergencies.
  6. Personal – A full array of personal information to organize a well-rounded life.

Each of the above top level categories has sub-categories, which display when you mouse over the tabs. Most of these sub-categories will present a third level sub-category list on the left. These lowest level categories (and some of the higher categories) have documents you can create through our document assembly system to create a custom document from our copyrighted forms. You can also add your own categories so you can upload documents and organize them to your unique needs and interests.

If you are joining Delphi VIM through an organization, you may have access to additional tabbed content that pertains to that organization.




On the left side is a set of controls that expand out.
Basic Tools enable you to import and manage documents. Sharing Tools allows owners of the account to create new members and viewers and then grant documents to them. Advanced tools enable owners to create new categories for files if they desire. See our tutorial on Tools for details.


Right Column Information

The right column provides quick access links to Tutorials and Help sections.

For more help, look for the help panel on the right side for context sensitive help. Also look at our tutorials for help.


"The Delphi Vital Information Manager (LifeCloud)) is a supremely valuable system that captures your vital information to which everyone needs immediate access. VIM is easy to use and is essential for everyone!"

-Dr. A. Afifi, Dean Emeritus
UCLA, School of Public Health

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In the Know

How To...

Live Longer and Happier Studies on the effect of good organization show that people who are well organized are happier and live longer. The studies point to how disorganization is a major cause of stress in many aspects of our lives and that improving organization reduces stress.

Help Documentation

Please take a few minutes to review our help documentation. You can always find a link at the bottom of the page to take you to this section. Also look for this image: to bring up useful information about how a feature works.




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