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Welcome to Delphi Digital, Inc. We offer online personal management tools to corporations, organizations and individuals. Our motto is:

“Simplifying Life through Organization”

There is a convergence of trends that has created the need for Delphi Digital’s products and why companies, organizations and individuals are spending time and money on them:

  • A “Sandwich Generation” of caregivers has emerged with parents living longer and having children later - individuals are pressed for time taking care of children, parents, even grandparents while maintaining a full time job and career path.
  • Of the 111 Million U.S. Employees, over 1/3rd are 50+ - exactly in the middle of the “Sandwich Generation”. As the population continues to age, the problems they face will increase, which directly affects the individual, their family and their employers.
  • Total absenteeism costs U.S. companies over $70 Billion annually – over $650 per employee. Managing personal issues (including caring for children, caring for aging parents and handling other home/household issues) accounts for 65% of employee “sick days”.
  • When employees have to take time from work to manage these issues, employees are also more stressed and less able to focus on business. Over time, this stress directly affects a corporation’s ability to retain key employees.
  • Large and small companies across a spectrum of industry verticals are recognizing that they need to find creative, cost-effective solutions to help their employees with work/life balance issues.
  • Until now, there have been no comprehensive personal online management tools. What few tools that have been available are single focus (e.g. health, financial, home and family are all separate products).

Delphi Digital, Inc. addresses this marketplace need with its cornerstone product:

Delphi Digital’s LifeCloud

By storing and making available key information from secured servers, many family/household issues and emergencies can be handled faster and more efficiently - which helps decrease stress levels and benefits both individuals and the corporations who have purchased LifeCloud for their employees. LifeCloud directly assists corporations in improving employee retention, increasing job productivity and reducing employee stress & absenteeism.

Ken Bitticks – Chairman

Ken has successfully taken three companies public, two of them technology businesses.   Under Bitticks’ leadership, within 5 years his insurance software company became the leader in automation for property and casualty insurance agents and brokers, with over 4,000 clients in the U.S., Canada, England, and Australia, including 9 of the 10 largest international insurance brokerage firms, and over 190 of the top 200 independent insurance brokers in the U.S.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and founding his first company, Ken, a CPA, was the founder and manager in charge of the Computer Applications Department Worldwide for one of the predecessor firms of Deloitte.  His group designed and created software that was licensed to more than 500 Fortune 1500 companies, including Exxon and General Motors, as well as hundreds of smaller entities. Ken has a BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California.



"The Delphi Vital Information Manager (LifeCloud)) is a supremely valuable system that captures your vital information to which everyone needs immediate access. VIM is easy to use and is essential for everyone!"

-Dr. A. Afifi, Dean Emeritus
UCLA, School of Public Health

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Live Longer and Happier Studies on the effect of good organization show that people who are well organized are happier and live longer. The studies point to how disorganization is a major cause of stress in many aspects of our lives and that improving organization reduces stress.

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